Friday, April 10, 2009

RTF Dragonfly 5#6 Electric Helicopter - Click Image to Close

Specifications :
1. Main Rotor Diameter (Upper): 175 mm
2. Main Rotor Diameter (Lower): 175 mm
3. Overall Length:175 mm
4. Drive System: 2×1215 strong-magnetic motor
5. Battery: 3.7V 400mAh Li-PO battery
6. All-up Weight: 55g (Battery included)
7. Transmitter: WK-0703
8. Gyro: Built-in
9. Receiver: RX-408
10. Servo: weight 3.5g ; speed 0.11sec/60°(4.8V); torque 0.08kg/cm (4.8V) ; dimension 17.5X6.5X21.5mm

Features :
1. Coaxial structure and palm-siazed dimension are used to make HM 5#6 as the optimal model for indoor entertainment.
2. 2×1215 strong-magnetic motor as power is powerful and make flight stable.
3. Highly efficient servo (3g) is prompt in reaction and effectively guarantees the performance of various flight.
4. The receiving circuit is equipped with a built-in gyro. Whose sensitivity can be customizedly adjusted.
5. The high-volume 3.7V 400mAh Li-po battery pack. A full charged cycle will offer the HM 5#6 with 7-10 minutes flight.

Harga : Rp.970.000
Pengiriman : 1 s/d 3 Hari

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