Friday, April 10, 2009

Latest Version3 Esky LAMA Co-Axial 4CH Electric RC Helicopter RTF

Specifications :1. Main rotor diameter:340mm;
2. Weight:215g;
3. Length:360mm;
4. Power system:180 motor*2;
5. RTF
6. Transmitter:Standard 4CH;
7. Mix controller:4in1 controller(W/gyro,mixer,ESC,receiver);
8. Servo:8g,1.3kg.CM,0.12s/60°;
9. Battery:7.4V 800mAh Li-polymer battery;

Descriptions :The design of lama3 adopts coaxial reversion pair oar system which is fitting to fly indoor. The design character is easy flying; simple operation and it can fly after simple charging.

4in1 controller gathers four functions of mixed controlling,electrical speed controller, gyro and receiver all of which are convenient to the adjustment and maintenance of the helicopter.

The design of swing hammer enhances the stability and balance of the flight, which can let the beginners master the basic flight skills in a short time. The improved tail rack will be more firm. The flight time will be much longer when using the two high qualities 180 motor and 7.4V lithium batteries, and the flight power will be more abundant.

It can freely finish all kinds of route flight like rotation quickly, hanging in the air, hovering and so on. The flight in the air is like aerial strolling, you can share the pleasure from the flight as much as you like.
The soft plastic undercarriage protects the rising and falling of the helicopter. 4in1fitting. the swing hammer whose function is to balance and stabilize the helicopter. The removable battery box fasten the battery to the helicopter firmly; soft toughness which can effectively protect the rising and falling of the helicopter
  • Model: EK1H-E012A
  • Shipping Weight: 5kg
  • Manufactured by: ESky

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